The figure of these actresses is the most attractive in Bollywood

Friends, a lot of actresses work in the Bollywood world. This Abhinetria works very hard to keep herself fit. Today we will tell you about some such actresses, who have made their figure very attractive by working hard.

1.Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is the first name in the list. She is a very beautiful Bollywood actress. Please tell that today due to its beauty and figure, millions of people are crazy about it. She has acted in many Bollywood films. In the picture above, you can see Shraddha in tight clothes.

2.Jahnavi Kapoor

Jahnavi Kapoor

Jahnavi Kapoor is a rising star of Bollywood. His debut film Dhadak was a box office hit. Because of this she has become very popular. In the figure, she is leaving many actresses behind.

3.Iliana Dikruz

Ileana Dikruz is a South Indian actress, best known for her figure. She acted in many superhit films of Bollywood and South. People still like his films.

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