PadMan exclusive excerpts are an eye opener about an eagerly awaited film

It is better to die rather than live a life of shame. This is the best way to sum up the plight of Radhika Apte‘s character in the exclusive excerpts from Padman that Mr Akshay Kumar showed me today. The trials and tribulations that Arunachalam Murugunantham and his wife went through due to the taboo associated with Periods brought tears to my eyes. It was a surreal experience as Mr Kumar held the laptop in his hands while his on screen avatar tried everything possible to come up with a low cost substitute for the expensive sanitary napkins.

Mr Kumar told me how Mr Arunachalam was called a mad man and was even hit by people in his village. The ecstasy on the face of the inventor of low cost sanitary napkins as his product tested positive was fascinating and it is very apparent that Akshay Kumar has delivered another award winning performance.

The promos of Padman have created a very promising impact. But the excerpts that I watched today give an altogether different perspective of what else to look forward to in the film. I believe  this is a must watch film for all men and they should take their mother, sister, wife and daughter along with them. It can make them empathise with the immense pain that women go through each month. The worst part is that many a times women are made to feel bad about something that they don’t have any control of.

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