Here’s how Rani Mukerji convinced Salman Khan to have a baby on the sets of Bigg Boss

Rani Mukerji and Salman Khan, who have acted in quite a bit of films together, recently had a reunion of sorts on the sets of Bigg Boss season 11. Rani was present on the sets to promote her film Hichki which is slated to release next month.

The two are supposed to share a great camaraderie off screen and it seems that they had a gala time on the sets of the show. They are known to be firecrackers given their sense of humor and spontaneity and Rani and Salman belted out a super entertaining episode, according to reports.

“Everyone expected the episode to be wild and it was a mad, fun shoot. While introducing the film [Hichki], Rani suddenly brought up Salman’s hichki [hiccup] when it comes to marriage. Salman was stumped and he was in splits. The two continued laughing on this for a while,” says a source on the set.

The informer added, “Rani did not stop here. She went on to say that Salman’s hichki on marriage is here to stay and everyone has asked him this. She added that Salman should now straight become a father and skip the process of marriage. Salman again was in splits for minutes before he said it’s a better idea than marriage. Rani had a ball pulling Salman’s leg. Rani also went on to say that she wants Salman to become a father soon so that Adira could play with his child and that the child should look as good as he does. Salman had the funniest answer to Rani. He wondered what if the child went on his/her mother. The two again burst out laughing. Audiences were in splits throughout this conversation.”

Besides this, Rani and Salman also reminisced about their working days together. It seems that the first sentence that Salman said to the actress after seeing her was that she hasn’t changed a bit. There were rumours that Rani had opted for a car instead of flying in a chopper whilst visiting the sets of Bigg Boss in Lonavala. Talking about his fears with helicopter, Salman Khan revealed that he is a phobia when it comes to flying in a helicopter after he faced a mishap on the sets of Auzaar. He had fallen off one of them whilst attempting a stunt and has been quite nervous about using them ever since the accident.

On the other hand, Rani reminisced about their shooting days, when they went on bicycle rides together on the streets of Switzerland taking time out from their shoot schedules.

Talking about Hichki, the film is inspired by the Hollywood Film and book Front Of The Class and is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra. The film is slated to release on February 23.

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